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Biblical Justice

All I want for Christmas is peace.  How about you?


Christmas is rapidly approaching.  There are gifts to buy and cookies to bake and gifts to buy and presents to wrap and gifts to buy and cards to send.  Just thinking about it makes one dizzy.  All I want for Christmas is peace.  How about you? The Challenge of Christmas I was giving the invocation…

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What is your true purpose in life?

Life speeds by quickly. Too often we fail to stop and ask ourselves the most basic fundamental questions. And the most important one is why are you here? What is your true purpose in life? Is life about you? Who is at the center of your universe? Who or what matters most? For the first…

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How to Rejoice in the Uncertainties of life


Life is full of uncertainties.  The truth is none of us know what tomorrow may bring.   Two weeks ago our keynote speaker, Dr. Tony Evans experienced the unexpected in the sudden deterioration in the health of his wife, Lois.  As a result he was unable to come to Chicago and we began our Open the…

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Be part of advancing justice for all on Friday, October 4!

This week is your last chance to sign up for a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger.  Dr. Tony Evans is coming to Drury Lane Theatre & Conference Center on Friday,  October 4 to launch a national Open the Gates Campaign.  But don’t come to Drury Lane for the free dinner or great…

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What is a Justice Perspective on Labor Day?

Labor Day

Monday is Labor Day.  A holiday marked more by sales and the end of summer, than on its origins in labor.  A true justice perspective on Labor Day examines both the social and Biblical messages on labor. A social perspective on Labor Day Labor Day originated as a federal holiday in 1894.  The purpose was…

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What does it mean to be a Christian Lawyer?

christian lawyer

There are 327.2 million people in America.  1.3 million are lawyers.  Only .004% of the population – less than one half of one percent – have a law degree.  With 67% of Americans identifying as Catholic or Protestant, at best there are 870,000 Christian lawyers and we know the profession does not mirror the general…

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2 Startling Reports on the Lack of Access to Justice!

access to justice

Two major reports demonstrate the startling reality of a lack of access to justice.  While the trends are disturbing, the opportunity to expand help and hope is greater. Justice and the Poor: A study of the present denial of justice to the poor In July, Harvard released a significant report on the legal system and…

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What is the role of prayer in my business?


  I spoke Wednesday at Christian Business Fellowship on the role of prayer in business.  The presentation arose from a discussion among business leaders.  Many lived in the divided world of choice A , others wrestled with the amount of overlap in choice B.  I said the answer was C.  Prayer is not part of…

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3 Provocative Justice Lessons from the 4th of July

4th of July

Last week we celebrated our independence.  Helen, Daniel and I were in Washington DC visiting Joseph who has an internship there.  We visited the National Museum of African American History & Culture, Museum of the Bible and drove to visit Gettysburg.  Each of these sites have strong connections to Independence Day. Lesson One:  The Paradox…

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