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What is a Justice Perspective on Labor Day?

Labor Day

Monday is Labor Day.  A holiday marked more by sales and the end of summer, than on its origins in labor.  A true justice perspective on Labor Day examines both the social and Biblical messages on labor. A social perspective on Labor Day Labor Day originated as a federal holiday in 1894.  The purpose was…

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What does it mean to be a Christian Lawyer?

christian lawyer

There are 327.2 million people in America.  1.3 million are lawyers.  Only .004% of the population – less than one half of one percent – have a law degree.  With 67% of Americans identifying as Catholic or Protestant, at best there are 870,000 Christian lawyers and we know the profession does not mirror the general…

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Why DCFS Failed AJ and What You Can Do About It!


by Nancy Allen, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, Gospel Justice Initiative My hometown of Crystal Lake recently experienced one of the worst injustices of all—the abuse that led to the death of an innocent child. Crystal Lake recently ranked 10th in the U.S. as one of the “Best Small Cities in the Country” based on quality…

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Why does the heart of every mom beat for justice?


Admit it moms. Someone does something unfair to your child and you turn into a super hero. It’s true. Inside the heart of every mom is a natural desire to do justice.  I’m convinced God put it there. Mother’s Day I admire moms. The best multi-taskers on the planet, you have amazing capacity to care…

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3 reliable steps to promote justice for all!


I spent part of last week in Michigan speaking at the Celebration of Justice Conference.  Through panels, speakers and workshops the conference focused on three pillars.  These pillars provide 3 reliable steps to promote justice for all. Step One:  Begin with a firm Biblical foundation.   The Celebration of Justice Conference wrestled with the tension…

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Why 2018 was a breakthrough year for justice


Happy New Year!  Some of us are glad 2018 is coming to a close.  Others are sad to see it go.  Most wonder where it went as time hastens forward.  I want to take a moment to thank you for being part of a breakthrough year for justice. The 2018 breakthrough I am not referring…

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How to root emerging leaders in gospel justice advocacy.

emerging leader

Christian Community Development Association celebrated 30 years this past week at their Rooted Conference in Chicago.  Nearly 5,000 people gathered to celebrate being rooted in a deep and abiding faith in God, a call to community and place, and a commitment to persevere in hope for the long haul.  I had the privilege of introducing…

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What will YOU do to Open the Gates of Justice?

open the gates

Do you believe Micah 6:8?  “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to DO JUSTICE, LOVE KINDNESS, and to WALK HUMBLY with your God.”  On Friday, October 19, 564 registered guest gathered at STRONGER to live out Micah 6:8.  Here’s how you can join…

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Stronger: Partnering for a Bright New Future!


Have you heard the powerful news?  Gospel Justice Initiative and Administer Justice are joining forces for a bright new future!  Discover what that means and join the celebration on Friday, October 19 at the Q Center in St. Charles.  Watch the exciting one minute invitation video from Founder, Bruce Strom.   How Administer Justice is Stronger…

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